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Individual User License includes: Purchase an individual user license for $5,000.

Corporate License Includes Contact Sales for pricing.

Integrated Schedules:  Contact Sales for pricing.

Liner Shipping Detail via web query


ComPair Data's web interface allows users to quickly ComPair ocean carrier services between a single port pair or multiple ports. Users can see which carriers are sharing space on the services as well as view complete rotation and capacity data. Vessels detail is also included for most services.

The web interface also allows users to see a carriers entire service network over the 112 trade routes included in ComPair and to review services available from a particular port. Alliance and financial details are also included.

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Reporting Services


ComPair Data's weekly ServiceTracker allows users to keep track of changes in ocean carrier service networks with a log of changes in vessel sharing arrangements, capacity and service rotation. ServiceTracker is sent by e-mail weekly free upon request. Sign up for a free subscription here.

ComPair's quarterly World Liner Supply Reports have been tracking changes in the three major east-west trades and in trades to South America for ten years. the quarterly reports analyzes containerized services from quarter to quarter, detailing changes in services and capacity from quarter to quarter.

ComPair Data also publishes specialized research reports analyzing current trends in the global network of ocean carrier services. Some reports may require an additional license fee.

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World Liner Supply Analytics: Capacity Reports


Analyze changes in capacity allocated to services and trade routes going back to 2008. ComPair's WLSA capacity reports allow users to query current and historical capacity week to week and import the data into Excel pivot tables for analysis. The reports come with 7 analytical views built in but users can also create their own data views or modify the ones that come with the service. Companies can structure trade route scopes and carrier groupings to meet the requirements of their users.

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World Liner Supply Analytics: Transit Reports


Analyze current transit and service rotation data in pivot tables that allow different views of the data. The WLSA transit reports are a companion service to the capacity reports for users that need to compare transit times between ports or countries quickly and to generate Excel based reports of the information.

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Corporate Portal


ComPair's Corporate Information Portal is the one stop information page including ServiceTracker and links to current industry news from our news partner, American Shipper.

ServiceTracker is a live feed from the ComPair Data research team tracking changes in ocean carrier liner services as they are made to the database.

The Corporate Information Portal also offers direct links to queries, World Liner Supply Analytics' tools, reports and other resources available to corporate licensees of ComPair.

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Custom Extracts


ComPair's Corporate license includes access to all data within ComPair data's analytical database in extract form. No additional data fee is incurred for extracted data, though there may be a one time fee required for development required to setup the extract.

Integrated Global Schedules


Daily data feed providing ocean carrier schedule detail for 111 carriers on 72 trade routes around the world.

Integrate the data into your systems; combining schedule detail with your data to provided enhanced information for your internal and external customers to improve efficiencies and profitability.

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