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Data Reliability

Data reliability is crucial to you and it is crucial to us. These are the steps to assure that we deliver accurate and timely data.

  • ComPair Data currently is tracking service, rotation and capacity data on all liner services on over 100 trade routes globally. That is over 3,000 individual ocean carrier services operated by 200 carriers.

  • Over 90% of these 3,000+ services of these services are audited by the ComPair research team on a 5 week cycle or better while the remaining services are audited on a 10 week cycle.

  • Each of the carriers carriers in ComPair is tracked by a specific researcher whose familiarity with the carrier their network of services, and the best sources of service detail of the carrier. This knowledge is applied to create reliable service and rotation detail which is entered on a service batch sheet.

  • The service batch sheet is checked by a second researcher before being entered in the database. Every afternoon, the  batch sheets are then reviewed by the research director who verifies the information was correctly entered in the database.

  • Information on all changes are also forward to ComPair's database editor for a final review.

  • This process is then the starting point for vessel/voyage schedule feed provided to the users of our Integrated Global Schedules. Whether the schedule data is being researched and entered manually or being received via EDI feed from the carrier, the schedule data is vetted against the service rotation data audited by our researchers.

  • Finally, we listen to our customers. Even with all the effort that goes into data accuracy and reliability, the researchers occasionally miss a  modification or misinterpret the data they are reviewing. Our customers are very good about letting us know when there is a data error.